Refund and Return Policy

Terms and Conditions for Returns

If the products did not work as promised or are damaged in any way, you may avail a Replacement. 

    Requirements to avail a Replacement:

      • There must be no alterations made within the device.
      • Any RETURNS will be the responsibility of the purchaser

    All of our products have a Manufacturer's Warranty. If there is a manufacturer's error or malfunction, we would be happy to repair,  or replace the products.

    Here's another Advantage you have with our store:

        • Price Match Guarantee

    Price Match Guarantee

    On another note, if you find that our prices are too high in comparison to other stores in Australia. Please tell us so that we can match both the postage and the product price. We will give you a complementary gift for sharing it with us!

    Please do not send your purchase back without further notice. We will provide you with a return label to ease the transaction back to us.